Dr. Angy Estrada is a music educator in New Jersey, and currently gaining experience in higher education administration. Her professional journey shaped her love for playing the piano, and sharing music with others by composing, teaching, and supporting her students. Born in Cali, Colombia, Angy grew up where salsa music became one of her passions. From age 12, She performed with Orquesta La Misma Gente, side by side with some of the most important national and international salsa bands of the 90’s. This experience motivated her to expand her horizons, so performing and teaching classical music was an avenue for her adventurous development. Dr. Estrada was a first-generation student and participated at Maricopa Music Competition, the Universidad Industrial de Santander Piano Competition, The Junior Philharmonic society of New Orleans performances, the Music Teachers National Association Competition, and the Van Cliburn Piano Institute, among others. She completed her college education from Arizona State University, Tulane University and Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey. Since 2003, Dr. Estrada has been teaching for after school music programs, and working as Choir Director, Pianist and Organist at different churches throughout the U.S.  In addition, her passion for cultural diversity engaged her in Jazz and inspired her to compose her debut album titled: Latin Pulse, released in 2017. Angy’s philosophy, “There is always something new we can learn,” drives her energy to creating projects that involve serving the community, and helping her students succeed.